A Five-In-One Classic One Tank Trip To Ottawa, Canada

We have a special treat this week. A trip to one of my favorite cities of the world. 24 years ago we did a week-long, five-part visit to Ottawa on Fox 8 TV. Ron Mounts was the videographer and joined my son Craig and me for the adventure. It was one of my very favorite trips and so we combined all five nights into just one segment for this week’s Classic One Tank Trip. The surprising thing was when I went to check to see what had changed since our visit over two decades ago, I made the pleasant discovery that the American Dollars is worth more than Canadian dollars right now and that means it still costs about $100 to make the high-speed run from Toronto to Ottawa, the same as we paid in 1992! And many of the places and sites we visited are still there. If you are planning a One Tank Trip this summer I highly recommend Ottawa as a wonderful destination. Just as we did then we took a One Tank Trip from Cleveland to Toronto in our car and then boarded VIA Rail service and four hours later we were in downtown Ottawa. This trip combines many wonderful things, A train ride, pomp and ceremony, history, cultural events and a great place to relax.

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