A Flight In The Yankee Lady, a World War II B-17 Bomber

This week’s Classic One Tank Trip heads to Michigan and to a unique museum who’s motto is, “History Flys” We take a flight in a real WWII B-17, piloted by a retired Major General in the US Air Force. I hope you will come along. If you enjoy our Classic One Tank Trips, please subscribe. It’s free and it means each time we post a new trip you will be automatically notified. Also, don’t forget, my new book, “The Best of One Tank Trips” is now available in book stores, on Amazon or you can also order it on this page.

1 thought on “A Flight In The Yankee Lady, a World War II B-17 Bomber”

  1. My son had a stroke about three years ago….he is so very fascinated with your stories of trips…and we have done a few home town ones…..he has no use of his right side..is a vietnam vet also…really loves your emails.

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