An Update On The New Book “The Best of One Tank Trips”


Over the past couple of months we have spoken at many libraries all over Ohio. The audiences have been incredible. We have had standing-room only at several of the speeches and even a few where so many people showed up that some had to be turned away since there was just not enough room.
The picture is a full-house at Burton Public Library in Burton, Ohio where the library staff, aware of the crowds in other towns, wisely instituted a ticket system for admission. The tickets were free, but folks that wanted to attend my speech had to go to the library circulation desk to pickup their tickets. When every seat in the room was filled, they stopped issuing tickets. It worked very well and saved some folks the aggravation of coming to the library and finding they could not get in.
Which brings me to this.
I have been getting questions over the last few months from viewers, “Why haven’t you been to my community library?” The answer is I probably have not been invited.
If you are interested in having me speak at your community library do this: Find out who schedules programs at your library and suggest to them that the library should invite me to do a book presentation. Have the library contact me at or they can contact Gray and Company, publishers at 1588 E. 40th Street., Cleveland, Ohio 44103, and we can give them all the details on how to arrange for me to speak at your library. We do have some dates open between now and November 15th

2 thoughts on “An Update On The New Book “The Best of One Tank Trips””

  1. What kind of mileage does your PT Cruiser get? Ever consider a solar powered electric vehicle? Now that electrics can get up to 300 miles that would redefine “one tank”. The post on the Maumee river cruise was interesting, bow on my one tank list! Thanks!

    1. We discussed it when I went back to work in 2012 but the TV station did not want to finance the project, so I ended up buying the PT Cruiser, which I still own and will probably drive, now that I am retired again, until I can no longer drive, or the car collapses. Whichever comes first.

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