My Favorite Christmas One Tank Trip

I am frequently asked, “What’s your favorite One Tank Trip”? As you probably know, I have just written a book about all my favorite trips. But, if I had to choose a favorite Christmas One Tank Trip. It is the Classic One Tank Trip we are showing today.
I “fly” my One Tank Trip car over downtown Cleveland at the height of the Christmas Season! Let me explain: We did a half hour show back in 2001 about the holiday season and at the close of the half-hour show, my producer, Lisa March, said “wouldn’t it be neat if you could fly your car over Public Square while we run the closing credits. Bear in mind this was before all the fancy computer-generated things you can do today. It took us days of working in sub-zero weather at night filming on the ground and in the sky, via the Fox 8 Helicopter. (This was before the days of drones). Thanks to the great work of Bob Levkulich, Jim Holloway, Scott Johnson, Herb Thomas, Tomi Toyama-AMbrose and many other folks, we made it happen. So join us once again as we make my car fly

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