Another Trip Across Wintertime Lake Erie to Canada

This week’s Classic One Tank Trip is headed again across frosty Lake Erie to the tiny fishing village, Erieau, which is located almost due north of Cleveland. When I first visited Erieau many years ago and walked into Molly and OJ’s Bar, I was amazed when the bartender greeted me by name and I was recognized by just about everyone in the bar. This was before cable TV and the only station the little village could get clearly on TV was WJW-TV in Cleveland, the station I worked for. So within a few hours I had met just about everyone in town. Molly and OJ’s was the place to get really fresh Lake Erie Perch dinners in those days and it is still true today. The town’s main industry is commercial fishing and you can’t get fresher fish than the local restaurant. This is also Ontario’s wine country and we got to watch how they make ice wine. Not much has changed over the years and I still recommend Erieau, Canada as a wonderful spot to visit anytime of year.

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