A Classic One Tank Trip Above The Clouds

This week we go back over twenty five years to a trip we took to Chatanooga, Tennessee. It was part of a series of One Tank Trips that we took all the way to Florida, showing viewers what we found along the way. Surprisingly, in 2017 many of the places we visited on that trip are still there. Prices change, but Lookout Mountain, where you can go above the clouds on America’s steepest incline railway, is still a major attraction. As is the hotel where the original Chatanooga Choo Choo can be seen and you can even spend the night sleeping in a real train car. It was one of my favorite trips back in the day and you can join me for the memories it offers by just clicking on the picture above.

By the way, I have had inquiries about my book, “The Best of One Tank Trips” that is available in book stores and on line here on this page.

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