A Summer-time Wrap-up

Labor Day Weekend marks the unofficial close of summer, 2017. It went by so fast and I didn’t get to re-visit a lot of the places I wanted to take you.
So, for this last One Tank Trip of this summer we will go to two places that I still recommend. These trips were made in 1990, 27 years ago, but both attractions, South Bass Island, and The Wilds in SE Ohio are still going strong and have even more things to see and do. But hop aboard and come back in time with us this week as we say “Goodbye” to summer with another Classic One Tank Trip.
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1 thought on “A Summer-time Wrap-up”

  1. Looks like a fun trip my oldest son and I will enjoy….Since his stroke a few years ago, he is really so happy to do these trips, and see new things and people. Thank you neil and God Bless!

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