Book Excerpt: “The Best of One Tank Trips” – Cars and Trucks of the Past

Here’s a chapter from my new book, The Best of One Tank Trips, which will be released at the end of this month …

Cars and Trucks of the Past

Bowling Green, Woodville

If you have ever dreamed of again owning the first car you ever drove or if you just like classic automobiles or racing cars, this One Tank Trip is for you.

The destination: one of Ohio’s finest privately-owned auto museums.

Snook’s Dream Cars is housed in a museum with the entryway disguised as a head-turning replica of a 1940s-era Texaco Service Station, complete with glass-top gasoline pumps. The display of 30-plus classic automobiles is the private collection of Bill and Jeff Snook, a father-and-son team that started restoring cars back in 1963, when Bill Snook helped his son Jeff to restore a 1929 Model “A” Ford. It became Jeff’s transportation when he turned 16.

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My new book: The Best of One Tank Trips—coming soon

Coming soon. PRE-ORDER your copy by clicking on the book cover photo. Paperback, $15.95, 208 pages

In all likelihood this will be the last book I write about my adventures and discoveries over the last 35 years. “The Best of One Tank Trips with Neil Zurcher” will be published in June.

(If you want to be among the first to get a copy, you can pre-order the book here. All pre-orders will receive autographed copies.)

If you are looking for a book that simply lists places to go, though, don’t buy this book.

Here’s why.

The most-asked question I get is: “What’s your favorite trip?” This book is a lengthy answer. It’s a compilation of my very favorite places, things and events that I found to be interesting and fun and that I think you will enjoy, too.

I skipped over the obvious big “super” attractions because you have probably already heard about them or have been there. What I try to do is direct you to lesser known, hidden away gems in the tourist world that might not attract lots of attention, but are still very worthwhile as a place to visit.

Free is always a good word. I have taken the time to search out some of the very best places in Ohio, and nearby states, like the Air Force Museum near Dayton where you can walk through Air Force One absolutely free. Or, a world-class amusement park in Pennsylvania that still has no gate charge. You just pay for the rides. A metro-park in Ohio where you can ride for free on a miniature steam train. You will find these and others in “The Best of One Tank Trips.” Of course, not everything is free.

I have tried to mix in destinations that my viewers and readers have told me they also enjoyed. Whether it was a slice of real prize-winning home-made pie in a diner in Jefferson, Ohio to a chance to fly on a life-size replica of the first airplane sold by the Wright Brothers in Dayton. I show you where you can sail across tree-tops and crawl through rock caverns. There is even a park in northwest Ohio where you, and the kids, can dig for prehistoric life.

No matter what you like to do on a holiday or vacation, I think you will find something in this book to excite and entertain you.

The book should be in the stores very soon and is available for pre-order right now. I know you are going to like it. If not, tell me.

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An updated and revised edition of the very popular guide to Ohio’s strangest roadside attractions by Neil Zurcher–the veteran TV newsman who has driven more than a million miles in Ohio covering local travel.

Find out where you can visit the world’s largest cuckoo clock, Clark Gable’s birthplace, Napoleon’s horse, a vacuum cleaner museum, and more. Zurcher’s eye for unique and fun attractions can turn any road trip into a car ride through the Twilight Zone.

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