A Trip Along America’s First Coast To Coast Highway

In the Saturday, March 7th edition of the Plain Dealer I have a column about the historic Lincoln Highway and a place in Ohio where you can drive on a section of the original paving-block roadway that once carried Model-T’s and even early trucks across our nation.


We focus on a section of the highway that seems frozen in time between Hanoverton and Canton. 


Along the way we look at the history of the first highway to link the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean.  We discover some great inns, timeless diners and even a funeral home museum.  You can read the entire story in the Plain Dealer or on line at their web site www.cleveland.com


Above are some of the photos we took on the trip that were not used in the PD story.

Historic Tourist Attraction Victim of Economy

The Mount Summit Inn on the old Lincoln Highway near Uniontown, Pennsylvania, has closed it’s doors.  The rustic inn with the breathtaking view has been visited by US Presidents from Warren G. Harding to John F. Kennedy.

The owner of the nearly 90 year old inn was quoted in local newspapers as saying that his banks refusal to approve a loan made it impossible to continue operations.  Their last day was Sunday, January 25th.