Some Presidential Trivia for President’s Day


In the Saturday, February 7th edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer my column deals with Presidential trivia.  Among the many things in the article we reveal that President Harding’s dog,  Laddie Boy, was so beloved that the nation’s children sent pennies to Washington to have a statue built of the dog and a garden club in Marion, Ohio commissioned a stained glass window with the dog’s likeness.   We also point out that Canton, Ohio is a goldmine of Presidential artifacts and history.  President McKinley and his wife are buried there.  It is also home to the National First Ladies Library and Museum.  In the McKinley Presidential Library in Canton you can see a rather spooky animatronic figure of President McKinley, who welcomes you to the museum and you can even buy a package of coffee that celebrates the bravery of our 25th President during the Civil War.

You can read the entire article in the Plain Dealer or go to  their web site,